Beat overwhelm, build resilience, become unstoppable.

We help you develop resilience to beat overwhelm, regain clarity and control, become more productive, and spend more time on the things most important to you.Using science-backed strategies and rigorous physical challenges, we teach you the frameworks and systems to regulate the emotions holding you back and increase your stress tolerance.You will embark on a transformational journey and push your mental and physical boundaries.Based on ancient philosophy and modern science.

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About us

Hi, we’re Carlos and Stefanie, co-founders of True Progress Lab, an organization on a mission to help people build resilience to get through any challenge and live a mind-strong and fulfilled life.Carlos is an attorney, judo practitioner, aikido black belt, ultramarathon runner, and US Army JAG reserve officer. You can follow him on Twitter here.Stefanie is a global people expert having coached and worked with junior- to senior-level executives from around the world for over 11 years. She is an MBTI-certified coach, an endurance runner, and has lived in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. You can follow her on Twitter here.